Renilde Becqué

A search for compelling sustainability narratives, transformative business models and pathways towards a circular & regenerative economy —

About Renilde & Contact Details

Renilde is a highly experienced sustainability professional with strong international experience, breadth & depth of knowledge. She loves innovative systems thinking and diving into the compelling narrative and business case for transformative change towards sustainable development.

Renilde has worked in a very broad range of countries on consultancy projects covering sustainability & climate change, environmental planning & management and integrated urban development. In recent years she has lived and worked in Australia, Beijing (China) and Hong Kong, while originally hailing from the Netherlands.

She holds an MSc degree (1999), an MBA degree (2017) with the University of Bradford/UK – Triple Crown accredited business school – for their world’s first MBA on ‘Innovation, Enterprise and the Circular Economy’, and is a LEED AP since 2008.

In addition, since 2001 she holds a casual position as tour leader covering several continents. She is pro-active and versatile, an astute networker, knowledge savvy, creative, committed and energetic. She combines strong analytical skills with strategic and commercial acumen.

Renilde writes articles that appear on a variety of websites and which can also be found on this blog. She has been a senior fellow with Paul Hawken’s “Project Drawdown“, and is currently or has been collaborating with NRDC, Rocky Mountain Institute, Carbon War Room, ClimateWorks Foundation, Sustainable Energy for All, European Climate Foundation, Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, World Resources Institute, Smart Freight Centre, and others. She is equally interested in high-impact overseas job opportunities.

She can be contacted via or via the Contact Form below.


(Screenshot from the Environmental Leader website)





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